Zvi Hauser tells Haaretz what Israel is doing wrong

In an exclusive interview, the former cabinet secretary and long-time aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explains why settlement evacuation is a fantasy.

By Ari Shavit, Haaretz

In the past few years, Zvika Hauser had a secret role: he was Tel Aviv’s ambassador to the bureau of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Amid all the Jerusalemites, settlers, religious Zionists and English speakers who surround the prime minister, the cabinet secretary was an anomaly: very secular, very Tel Avivian and sporting granny glasses.

When the need arose to know what Tel Aviv thought about a Bibi move, Hauser was the one who was summoned to the closed room at the end of the Jerusalem “aquarium.” The Tel Avivian among the right-wingers and the right-winger among the Tel Avivians had to explain the mood, the frame of mind and the trends of the capital of the coast to the prime minister of the mountain. As he has done all his life, attorney Hauser had to bridge the gap between the ideological world he believes in and the cultural world he lives in.

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